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Restroing the stability of joints by latest arthroscopic techniques and the mobility of joints by replacement.

Surgery Knee & Shoulder
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It is a procedure in which the damaged cartilage on thigh and leg bones are replace with metal and plastic.

Surgery Knee Replacement
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Majority of cases with recurrent dislocation are successfully treated with Key hole surgery.

Surgery Shoulder Dislocation

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Shoulder Dislocation

Occurs When The Ball (Humeral Head) comes out of socket (Glenoid). It Causes severe pain and inability to move shoulder It May occur due to accidents, falls, epilepsy, etc.

Chondral-Oseochondral Injuries

These are injuries to cartilage of the knee joint. These are caused by Trauma, Sports injuries, Osteochondritis Descicans etc.

Frozen Shoulder

Occurs due to inflammation & Shrinking of joint capsule. It causes paint and stiffness. It Occurs mainly middle aged people and diabetics.

Ligament Injury

It is caused by accidents or sports injuries. It Causes pain and instability on activities.

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