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What is Shoulder replacement and why do you need it?

Shoulder replacement as the name itself signifies is the removal of the affected/damaged areas of bone and implanting them with parts made of metal and plastic. This type of surgery is also known as arthroplasty and needs to be carried out by the best orthopedic surgeons in Hyderabad who are available in Arun Ortho Care Hospital.

Our shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint. The ball is a round head part of the upper arm bone which gets fit into a shallow socket in the shoulder. Any sort of damage in it can lead to stiffness, weakness, and pain. Implants via plastic or metal parts come in different shapes and sizes, whereas options for replacement can be either partial or total using anatomic or reverse implants.

Major conditions that can damage the joint are:

Cartilage is a thin protective layer that covers the end of the bones. Its important role lies in helping joints move smoothly. But, when osteoarthritis damages this cartilage, in such a case shoulder replacement surgery is required.

A group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint is known as the rotator cuff. Injuries in this part can cause damage to bone and cartilage in the shoulder joint.

Any sort of inflammation occurred by an overactive immune system result in cartilage damage and sometimes the underlying bone in the joint.

Certain types of shoulder conditions can hamper the blood flow to the humerus. When a bone is starved of blood, it collapses.

Options for Shoulder replacement surgery

If you are the one looking for shoulder replacement surgery in Hyderabad, then, with the lots of options available for the best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad and one of them is Arun Ortho Care, you can get hassle-free treatment. The three different types of surgery involved in this replacement are

Anatomic total shoulder replacement:

In this type of surgery, both ball and socket are replaced. The implant being used resembles more of the natural bone shape.

Reverse total shoulder replacement:

Though, in this case, both ball and socket are replaced. But the implants used are reversed. The ball is attached to the shoulder blade while the socket is attached to the upper arm bone. This type of surgery is preferable in the damaged rotator cuff.

Partial shoulder replacement:

In this case, only the ball of the joint is replaced.

Duration of a Shoulder replacement surgery

In general, to accomplish the shoulder replacement surgery the time consumed can be between 1 hr to 1 hr 45 minutes depending upon the severity. The time taken for the surgery is totally dependent upon the factors specific to each patient. Otherwise, for most patients, the average time taken is 60 to 90 minutes


Research has proved that to date, the surgery when carried out through the best shoulder replacement surgeon in Hyderabad has given satisfactory results to the patients. It has proved to be successful in terms of relieving pain. But, in some cases, it cannot be perfect and might ache due to weather changes or while you are too active.

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