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Shoulders joint is a ball and socket joint type of joint. Humeral head forms the ball and glenoid forms the socket. The joint is covered by thin layer called Capsule & Group of muscles called Rotator Cuff. These muscles are important for smooth movements of shoulder joint. Shoulder pain occurs from any of these structures.

Frozen Shoulder:

  • Occurs due to inflammation & Shrinking of joint capsule.
  • It causes paint and stiffness.
  • Occurs mainly middle aged people and diabetics.
  • Most cases are treated with Physiotherapy.
  • Severe cases are treated with Key hole surgery.

Shoulder Dislocation:

  • Occurs When The Ball (Humeral Head) comes out of socket (Glenoid).
  • Causes severe pain and inability to move shoulder.
  • May occur due to accidents, falls, epilepsy, etc.
  • Occasionally due insufficient treatment patients may develop recurrent dislocation.
  • Majority of cases with recurrent dislocation are successfully treated with Key hole surgery.

Rotator Cuff Problems:

  • It Involves damage of the rotator cuff due to aging, or accident and falls.
  • Causes severe pain and lack of strength to lift arm.
  • Majority of cases are treated by physiotherapy.
  • Large tears require Key Hole Surgery.


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