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What is a shoulder fracture and how should you deal with it?

The shoulders are one of the main and the most complicated joints in the body through which the movement of the hand, neck, arms and even the face is dependent. If the shoulders are not working properly or a person has faced a fracture on the shoulders, then there would be a lot of difficulties to deal with everyday situations. This possesses a serious stoppage on the everyday routine which hampers your movements, your work modules, and even the household chores. Well, the shoulders are the glenohumeral joint which is situated in the bone in the upper arm. Choose the best orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad and get the best treatment for a fractured shoulder.

The most common type of shoulder fracture many people usually face is the fractured clavicle which is commonly caused by falling. There are three main types of fractures but the least common type of fracture is the scapula fracture. Furthermore, proximal humerus fractures most commonly affect older people than younger ones. A displaced fracture is something that means the ends of the broken bone moved out of the place. Well, a nondisplaced fracture is comparatively easier to treat than displaced fractures.

Symptoms of shoulder fractures:

Most commonly people experience pain in their upper shoulder when they are having fractures in their shoulder. If you are also witnessing any pain in your shoulders or any other bones, do not wait but rush to an orthopedic specialist. They will then diagnose the pain and start the healing process. Let us also have a read to some specific symptoms of shoulder fractures below:

  • Constant swelling or bruising in the shoulders
  • Constant pain in the shoulders
  • The shoulder looks imbalanced or seems out of place
  • Tenderness or firmness in the shoulder area
  • Redness in shoulders
  • Paining while touching
  • A bump like condition on the shoulders
  • Weakness in the arms
  • Not able to move or no motion in the arms
  • Tingling in the hands

What are the main causes of a shoulder fracture?

When a person falls directly on the arms or the shoulders, they face fracture on the shoulders. Not just this, but a person can also break their shoulders due to a collision such as an athlete while running and colliding with another athlete or even during accidents like an accident of a moving vehicle. As we have discussed above, scapula fractures are the least common types of fractures caused. Why? Because the bone is kept protected by the back muscles.

What are some risk factors involved in a shoulder fracture?

When there’s a major or minor break in the bone which makes up the shoulder, it is the result of some type of trauma. Although there are some more risk factors involved which can increase the risk of the shoulder fracture. Below mentioned are some risk factors involved in a shoulder fracture:

  • Falling from an elevated height. This breaks your bone and hence this results in a shoulder fracture
  • When you participate in sports and somehow you fall, this also leads to shoulder fractures
  • Aging and your bones are becoming weak. Fragile bones are more prone to shoulder fracture
  • People above the age group of 65 years are also at a higher risk of shoulder fracture. Why? Because they find it difficult to sustain the fractured shoulder.

How to treat the broken shoulder?

Most doctors treat the broken shoulder even without an injury. They use different methods to heal it, such as:

  • Making the patient wear a sling for at least 3 to 8 weeks
  • Giving constant orthopedic rehabilitation therapy to the patient till a few weeks after injury
  • Icing the shoulder every day for at least 20 minutes
  • Giving anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to the victim

If you are suffering from shoulder fractures or anyone close to you is the victim, you should recommend an Orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad for quick treatment.


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