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Tips to prevent knee problems

  • To avoid injuries, it is critical to warm up before beginning an exercise program and to cool down afterward.
  • Low-sitting, crouching, leaping, sprinting, and other activities that put a strain on your knees should be avoided.
  • During regular activities, use the correct and adjusted body positions.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Put on some comfortable shoes.
  • High-heeled shoes should be avoided.
  • Regularly go for a walk. On a level surface, walk.
  • Exercise should be progressed gradually and under the guidance of your physiotherapist.
  • Carrying large weights might cause damage to your knee joint.
  • Take the elevator instead of the steps.
  • To save your knee, follow this rule: If walking hurts, DON’T RUN! If running aches, take a walk instead.
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