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Welcome To Hyderabad’s Best Dedicated Bone Treatment Center.

Arun Ortho care emergency clinic is outfitted with a group of experienced Orthopedic and Trauma Consultants that includes an all-encompassing, positive, and steady way to deal with the administration of Orthopaedic conditions. We recognize people as unique and valuable and strive to satisfy their individual needs.

Clinical Efficiency
We are specialized in contributing to the fields of Trauma, Deformity. Correction, Joint replacement Arthroscopy as well as sports injuries.
Dedicated Team
We are a value-driven organization and are into continuously improving health and medical care of the patient’s safety and satisfaction.
Unmatched Quality
We use safe, effective, and innovative clinical practices with profound academic research as well as maintaining timely communication with patients.
Affordable Price
We are dedicated to delivering efficient, cost-effective healthcare with unrelenting attention to clinical acumen as well as passion and commitment to ensure good health care to serving society.
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Knee Surgeries
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Hip Surgeries
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Shoulder Surgeries

Our Motto:

“Patients Come First”


Our Bone Specialists to serve you

We have a very well-qualified and experienced team, they have been treating Orthopedic problems for 13 years.


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